Theodor Jareš(Manhunt International Czech Republic 2011), Martin Gardavský(Muz Roku CR 2011/Mister Czech Republic International 2011), David Novotny(Muz Roku Organizer), and James Lorencovič(Muz Roku SR 2011/Mister Slovak Republic International 2011)

Final Muz Roku 2011 was held on August 26, 2011 in Nachod, Czech Republic. 12 finalists from around Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. In the end of the event, Martin Gardavský was choosed as Winner for Czech Republic and James Lorencovič was choosed as winner for Slovak Republic, both of them will represented their countries in Mister International 2011. Not olny them, special place for first runner-up Muz Roku Czech Republic 2011 Theodor Jareš will represented Czech Republic in Manhunt International 2011.

The Aser World as the one of Male Pageant Media in Indonesia want to get more information about this. Last July 2011, The Aser World crew was sent mail to Muz Roku Organizer. Finally on August 30, 2011, David Novotny(Muz Roku Organizer) was reply our mail. He gave us Final Press Release about Muz Roku 2011. We felt very flattered and happy, our mail was replied by the organizer. But we can’t post it now. We will post about it as soon as possible.