Muž Roku 2011 Banner(Courtesy : Muž roku Facebook Page)

Muž Roku 2011(Man of The Year) election will be held in Nachod, Czech Republic on August 26, 2011. A male pageant, held since 2002, chose a man who has a good personality and able to be a trend for other men in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2010 the last, there are 3 winners in Muž Roku 2010, Muž Roku Slovak Republic 2010 Adam Barabas(represented Slovak Republic in Mister International 2010), Muž Roku Czech Republic 2010 Jan Hájek(represented Czech Republic in Manhunt International 2010)  and first runner-up Muž Roku Czech Republic 2010 Jan Pochobradský(represented Czech Republic in Mister International 2010).

Jan Hájek, Jan Pochobradský and Adam Barabas

At last year’s The Aser World had the privilege to interview one of the winners Muž Roku 2010 Jan Pochobradský who represented Czech Republic in Mister International 2010. This year The Aser World will try to cover the contest Muž Roku 2011. In 2011, the 12 finalists (six finalists for the representatives of the Czech Republic and 6 finalists for the representatives of the Slovakia) will compete for Muž Roku 2011 title. Who will be next Adam Barabas for Slovak Republic and Jan Hájek for Czech Republic in Muž Roku 2011? The answer on August 26, 2011. Stay tune at TAW!!