Jan Pochobradský - Mister Czech Republic International 2010



A valuable opportunity to interview a Mister Czech Republic International 2010 Jan Pochobradský which is now the center representing Czech Republic in Mister International 2010 in Jakarta, November 20, 2010. Yesterday (11/11) midnight, The Aser World, a chance to interview him via facebook. Some of the questions we asked him and Jan (his nickname) answered with a friendly and nice. Although successfully interviewed but Jan had felt fatigue caused by activity in the Mister International 2010, which was fairly heavy. We give him leeway to respond tomorrow, finally this morning he answered all the questions that we send a message via facebook. Here our interview summary with a Jan Pochobradský:











Name : Jan Pochobradský

Country : Czech Republic

Age : 23

Height : 176

Language : Czech, English, Spanish and German





What your daily activities?

Wake up than hygiene, walk my dog, go to the work(training with ice hockey players), than work at home(mix music for sport aerobics), gym, regeneration, visit my friend, chatting on fb.

Jan Pochobradský in one championship in Europe

What are your hobbies?

Sport and music

What sport are you most like? and What music genre are you most like?

Gymnastics sports, but mainly sports aerobics. I listen common music, hip hop, rnb, rock(mtv style).

What is your motto in life?

“Never say Never”

Please describe little about yourself?

I’m a normal nice guy. I love sports, my dog Charlie, music, watching movies from bed

What’s your favorite food?

Beef steak

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?

Actually it happened a month ago…I competed a World championschip wit ruptured anterior cruciate ligamentum and torned both meniscuses

What goals do you want to achieve?

Be succesful and still look for a new goals!

Who do you admire and figure to inspire you?

I admire Alan Alda(M.A.S.H.). I really like his acting

The place where you want any time you visit?

Machu pichu, Peru

What do you feel when you first come to Indonesia?

Absolutelly differend culture

What do you want to learn about Indonesia?

I like the history and I did really like your national dance/fight

Is there a desire to learn Indonesian language?

I think I could learn, but I have no time for this

The last of his answer is Thanks and Have a nice day 🙂

Finally, we thank you so much to Jan Pochobradský which gives the opportunity to The Aser World to interview him. Hopefully, given the success in the Mister International 2010.